Cashel Palace

At the foot of a hill — in the shadow of Ireland’s most iconic medieval site, the Rock of Cashel — stands another architectural masterpiece, Cashel Palace. Built in 1728 by Sir Edward Lovett Pearce, the architect who designed the Parliament House in Dublin, this red brick manor was once the residence of Ireland’s archbishops. It is a brilliant blend of classicism and sophistication, with a façade that hides behind its symmetrical layout a world of surprises: a majestic colonnaded hall, walls covered in detailed wood panelling, staircases with handrails carved in the shape of candy canes, and rooms that seem to have been taken from a fairy tale. With its English-style gardens, comfortable sofas warmed by the cosy fire of the bar, and a spa bathed in light, Cashel Palace takes its guests on a magical journey. It is an idyllic refuge where you can recharge your batteries before plunging into the area’s Celtic history or wandering through the enchanting moorland.

Horses have been an integral part of Ireland's cultural heritage for the last 2,000 years. They have been at the heart of the Irish story from mythical figures to modern day thoroughbred champions and an acclaimed global equine industry. The country is internationally recognised for the quality and depth of the thoroughbred industry, delivering world class expertise through industry figures revered throughout the globe.

The Magnier Family, owners of Cashel Palace, have been at the very heart of Ireland’s rich tapestry of thoroughbred racing and breeding legacy for generations, with their world renowned Coolmore Stud Farm just mere miles from the hotel.

This passion for all things equine is expressed throughout the hotel and passed on to guests through an exciting programme of equestrian experiences and exclusive access to some of the most prestigious racing and breeding facilities in the world.

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