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  • The Curragh, Co. Kildare

The Curragh (Irish - An Currach) is a flat open plain of almost 5000 acres of common land in County Kildare.  The area is world-renowned as being the headquarters of Irish Racing and Breeding.  It is home to over 150 racehorse trainers and breeders and the location of some of the most beautiful stud farms and training facilities in the country.  

Join ex-Racehorse Trainer & Racing Historian, Jim Kavanagh on this wonderful day of ‘Horses & History’.  The Curragh is also home to an army base and military college.  It is the main training center for the Irish Army and is home to 2000 military personnel.  The Curragh is also known as ‘St. Brigid's Pasture’ after St Brigid decided to make her home in Kildare.  Begin your day at the Keadeen Hotel, which itself used to be a training center of the well-renowned ‘Darkie Prendergast’.  Enjoy refreshments before meeting with Jim and the concierge team.  

Your executive coach will begin to make its way across the Curragh Plains where you will encounter, racehorses during their morning exercise, meet with a racehorse trainer and visit their base, drive through The Curragh Army Camp, visit some of the Racing Lodges of The Curragh - mostly built by the gentry of the sport during 18th century, these lodges were built as private training centers where their horses would be cared for and trained by private trainers. Hear some family dynasty stories relating to these beautiful buildings.  Approx 3-hour duration.  

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